Photo:  On special occasions such as the carol service, members of the congregation play in a band. 


Do come and join in our Sunday services which are at 9.30am and include groups for children and young people.

Our services are informal and relaxed in style, using the Common Worship services of the Church of England. Afterwards we have tea or coffee together.  If you would like to know more about what happens in a service, please click here.

We have three different types of service, depending on the Sunday of the month

  • First Sundays: Family Service (children stay in for the whole service, which is short and simple)
  • Second Sundays: Holy Communion (a special service when we remember Jesus’ last supper with his followers, just before his death)
  • Third, fourth and fifth Sundays: Morning Worship (children go out to their groups in term-time)

You can listen to some of the sermons preached at St Andrew’s.

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Children’s groups

During the 9.30am service (except first Sundays) in term-time we have a crèche and a group (for 3s upwards ) which explore a topic from the Bible.

Contact Parish Office for information

There are services at other times in Cumnor and Farmoor churches

Weekly noticesheets

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