Baptism, confirmation, weddings, funerals

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If you live in Cumnor parish (whether you come to the churches or not!), you are very welcome to arrange a baptism (christening), confirmation, wedding or funeral. Just phone or email the parish office to find out more.

Baptisms/christenings: for babies, children or adults! 

Parents bring their children to church for baptism (also known as christening) as a sign that they want them to be brought up in the Christian faith.  The parents, along with the godparents whom they ask to take an interest in and pray for the children as they grow up, make public promises on behalf of the children.  

See the baptism service  that we use for children.

Some families ask for a thanksgiving or dedication service after the birth of their baby instead, if they feel they are not yet ready to make the promises about Christian faith in the baptism service.  

Adults can also be baptised, as a sign that they have taken a new step in their faith in Jesus Christ.



Those who want to make their own public step of Christian faith can go on to confirmation.   There is some preparation given for this, as it means becoming a full member of the church.  (If you want to be confirmed but haven’t been baptised, you will need to arrange this first.)



Marriage is God’s gift to all who hope to live together as husband and wife in life-long commitment. You don’t have to be a Christian to get married in church, but it is a way of asking God to be the foundation of your life as a married couple.

Weddings are held in Cumnor parish church (a beautiful setting!) as St Andrew’s is not licensed for weddings.



If you have recently been bereaved and would like to talk to someone, please get in touch with us. We can talk about the different options for a funeral.


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