Rebuilding St Andrew’s

P1010158 (2)We are working on rebuilding the church!  Our 1960s wooden building is falling down and as well as doing repairs needed in the short term, we are exploring possibilities of replacing the building altogether with a modern structure which will be available to the local community as well as to church members.

The next steps
After consultation with the congregation, local people and those who hire the building, we are working with an architect who has  produced plans which have gone to planning permission.

The cost is likely to be around £700,000.

A small group (Sue Allwright, Roger Long and David Wenham) is masterminding the process.  We will keep you informed!

We’ll have the plans on display in church on Saturday 2 December, 10am – 12 noon. You are welcome to come and give us your feedback informally over a cup of coffee.



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